Features & Specs
  • Exclusive machine form to John Deere
  • Grades up to 2x the speed of a traditional dozer
  • Top ground speed of 16 mph
  • Exclusive Quad-Cool cooling package
  • Rubber Tracks allow for crossing hard surfaces unassisted and reduce ground disturbances on a finish grade
  • Best-in-class front visibility enhances operator productivity
  • Best-in-class cab comfort at a whisper quiet 72 dBa and with an air-suspension seat
  • Standard Category 4 drawbar and selective-control hydraulics for pulling rear implements increases machine utilization
  • With John Deere WorkSight™, JDLink™ monitoring provides real-time machine utilization and health data, plus location information. Fleet Care proactively suggests maintenance to correct problems early before they turn into costly downtime. And Service ADVISOR™ Remote enables your dealer to read diagnostic codes, record performance data, and even update software without a trip to the jobsite. It’s the most comprehensive, easy-to-use suite of technology available for increasing uptime and productivity while lowering operating costs. And it’s only available from John Deere.
Horsepower 200
Blade Width 132"
Weight 34,000 lbs
Fuel Tank Capacity 106 gal.
Fuel Consumption 2.8-4.7 gal/hr
Blade Capacity 3.75 cu yd
Height 10 ft 3 in
Length 22 ft. 10 in.

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John Deere 764 High-Speed Dozer

Manufacture and Model John Deere PowerTech Plus 6068H
Non-Road Emission Standards EPA Tier 3/EU Stage IIIA
SAE Net Rated Power 0-12.8 mph
200 hp @ 1,800 rpm
12.8-16.0 mph
210 hp @ 1,800 rpm
Net Peak Torque 704 lb. ft. (954 Nm) @ 1,500 rpm
Displacement 414 cu. in. (6.8 L)
Aspiration Turbocharger with air-to-air aftercooler
Air Cleaner Dual-stage dry type with safety element, pre-cleaner, and under-hood restriction indicator
Electrical System 24 volt with 80 amp alternator
Cooling Fan Variable speed reversible fan

Travel Speeds 16.0 mph (25.7 km/h)

Fuel Tank 160 gal. (401 L)
Cooling System with Recovery Tank 11.1 gal. (42 L)
Engine Oil with Filter 7 gal. (26.5 L)
Transmission Reservoir with Filter 60 gal. (227.1 L)
Hydraulic Reservoir and Filter 60 gal. (227.1 L)

Tracks Friction and positive-drive rubber track system equipped with 2 front idlers, 2 rear idlers, drive sprocket, and 4 mid-rollers per track frame
Track Gauge 78 in. (1981 mm)
Track Width 24 in. (610 mm)
Track Belts Extra-thick rubber belt with continuous steel cables; extra-high and -wide tread bars for long life; large drive/guide lugs for long service life
Track Length on Ground 53 in. (1346 mm)
Ground Contact Area 1,272 sq. in. (8206 cm2)
Ground Pressure 6.68 psi (46.1 kPa)

Operating Weights
Base Weight (with standard equipment, rollover protective structure, full fuel tank, and 175lb operator) 34,000 lb. (15 422 kg)

Overall Dimensions
A) Overall Height to Roof 10 ft. 3 in. (3124 mm)
B) Tread Depth 1.4 in. (36 mm)
C) Ground Clearance 13.1 in. (333 mm)
D) Blade Width 11 ft. 0 in. (3353 mm)
E) Blade Height 3 ft. 3 in. (991 mm)
F) Blade Lift Height 29 in. (739 mm)
G) Blade Digging Depth 29 in. (739 mm)
H) Blade Tilt 18 in. (457 mm)
I) Overall Length with Blade and Drawbar 22 ft. 10 in. (6962 mm)

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